About This Live Project

Foxholes is a small village on the busy B1249 mid-way between Driffield and Scarborough in the Yorkshire Wolds. It has a semi-derelict village hall and no funds to renovate it. Their best option appears to be to sell off part or all of the existing site for development and build a new hall elsewhere, though renovation of the existing hall may be possible if funding becomes available.

The purpose of this project is to prepare a hard-nosed assessment of the short- and longterm Sustainability potential of the four options to assist decision-making and fundraising.
This is the kind of assessment that will become increasingly important for architects on all projects as every form of energy
becomes scarce and expensive.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Did you know ??

The best insulation is a vacuum and next to that, still air. Penguins somehow manage to maintain a temperature difference of 90 degrees C across a 25mm thick layer of down feathers, the equivalent of 500mm of fiberglass!!! 'Andy Coolding' courtesy of Tom Marsh reaserch

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